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Is to be market leader in providing the best quality food trucks and to have the most variety of products that suits different budgets

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Making it legal

It’s exciting to be getting your food truck ordered and delivered, whether it is your first or one of many. But there are many other thanks to take into account, including legalization. Before you get out on the road with your truck, you need to take care of all legalities, including licensing. Depending upon where you are located, different cities, states and countries will have their own regulations that need to be complied with when selling food. Usually your Department of Health will be able to point you in the right direction but if you are worried or struggling with this, we can help. There are always specific requirements that you will need to adhere to when handling, cooking and serving food.

We design to comply

When designing your vehicle we will ensure that you meet with all generic health and safety standards. Once we have done this and you take delivery of your food truck, it will be ready to be inspected by your food standards department. The things that they check will vary according to your country of residence, but may involve all or some of the following:

  • Evidence of ownership and vehicle license
  • Food purchase records
  • Truck complies with vending unit operational needs

Once they have looked your truck over and are happy with your facilities to store, cook and serve food, you will be issued with a license and/or inspection report. Once this is done, you are free to trade and your truck will be inspected annually after that. The inspector will want to be 100% sure that food is being stored in clean cool conditions, sinks and water supplied are fully operational and that health and fire codes are complied with. You will normally need to wear gloves when handling food and ensure that refrigerators are running at the correct temperatures.

Easy to keep clean

When your food truck is being fitted out internally by us, we will make sure that everything is easy to wash and keep clean from the floors up to the walls as well all operational areas where food will be prepped, cooked and presented. Dispensers, utensils and every single thing in your truck will need to comply with safety and sanitary codes. Also bear in mind that as well as food service licenses and health compliance you will need to obtain a business permit.
Making sure that you tick all of the boxes is essential but there is nothing to worry about with us by your side to recommend, advise and equip. Talk to us now and get your food truck legalities and licenses dealt with easily and correctly.

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