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Is to be market leader in providing the best quality food trucks and to have the most variety of products that suits different budgets

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How do you attract the crowds?

You may have the best food in the district but are you attracting enough customers towards your truck and away from your competitors? Sometimes it is the look of the truck itself or the one with the most eye-catching logo that gets the most business, drawing attention and the crowds at the same time. Even if your food is the best, these elements of branding are essential if you are going to go down a storm with the local clientele. Just think about all of those lovely clients that you might be missing out on if there is nothing to catch their eye and their custom.

It’s all about your brand

But you don’t need to worry; as well as providing you with a sophisticated food truck, fully equipped, we also have the skill and knowledge to establish for you an easily identifiable and engaging brand. This really is the very best way of getting your message and your image across to would-be customers, establishing a bond with them that will bring them flocking to your counter time and time again. This is not just about attracting new clients but building a relationship via your brand so that your queue of regulars grows bigger and bigger. And if you know little about branding, we are on hand to create something for you that will tell the world about you and what you have on offer.

Make it emotional

By establishing the right brand or logo, you create an emotional connection with viewers. With this in mind, it is essential that between us we take the time to define the resonance of your brand and your individual look. If you have a brand already in mind that we can replicate, fantastic. If not, we can work together to come up with a unique key image that will make people think of you as soon as they see your truck. Your brand can be witty, fun and quirky but most of all it needs to be memorable. Make it strong and likeable and if you have any unique selling propositions to convey, include them. Does your food stand out because it is extra healthy, tasty, spicy or maybe made from a unique recipe that only you have access to? Think about reasons why consumers should choose your truck above all others and then use it.

Eating at your truck should be an experience and one which diners will want to repeat; your food truck brand will make them feel a certain way every time they visit so it has to be all about you.

Get in touch with us now, let’s get our ‘brand’ hats on and get your food truck standing out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

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